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+4 900
Dll available to download
+17 700
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Getting Started

Search you needed extension

Use the search form to discover the extension you need.
Check if the extension can build with your PHP version.

Keep the name

On Linux

Use the pear command line to build and install the extension on your PHP

On Windows

Download (registration needed) the pre-built DLL and install it on your PHP extension folder.
If the DLLs is not available, request the build to the necessary release.

Publish Extention

Define your extension

In your project, add the package.xml file.

Make the archive

On your terminal, execute command pear package

Publish it on PECL

Login or request an account on the PHP package website (PECL).
Once you configure and upload the first release, request import PECL extension.

* Statistics at 01-07-2024.