This website was born following the observation of the absence of PHP extensions compiled for Windows.

Since 2021, DLLs are no longer compiled by the Windows PHP team. Previously they were compiled with servers provided by Microsoft.
After a few requests, this site was born to allow PHP users on Windows to download the DLLs they need.

Deprecated and no longer maintained

When writing the site, it was noted that a large number of extensions were no longer maintained. This state is not always clearly indicated on the original PHP site.

On this site, extensions that do not have a version compatible with the current major version of PHP are considered abandoned.

Pre-built DLLs

Some extensions have been compiled by us and are available for free download after connecting to your account.
The other DLLs were compiled by the Windows PHP team.

Follow and notification

It has also been noted that it is difficult to follow the development of the extensions we use. With your account, you can favorite the extensions you use and set the alert level you want:

To avoid receiving a notification for each new version, the site will send new features approximately every 15 days (beginning and middle of the month) with a summary of what has happened for your favorites for which the alert has been configured.