pecl install gRPC

A high performance, open source, general RPC framework that puts mobile and HTTP/2 first.

Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) provide a useful abstraction for building distributed applications and services. The libraries in this repository provide a concrete implementation of the gRPC protocol, layered over HTTP/2. These libraries enable communication between clients and servers using any combination of the supported languages.

Unable to build this extension for x86 architecture. We apologize for this inconvenience. If you have ideas for resolving this issue, contact us.
Version 1.64.1 change log

- gRPC Core 1.64.1 update


  • Stanley Cheung (lead )



Stars: 39608
Issue openned: 866
Downloads: 2294074
30/05/2024 23:24


  • php >=7.0.0
  • pearinstaller >=1.4.0
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