pecl install yaf

PHP Framework in PHP extension

Yaf is a PHP framework similar to zend framework, which is written in c and built as PHP extension

Version 3.2.0 change log

- Refactor core data structs for performance, 20% speed up according to demo created by tool/cg/yaf_cg
- Implemented PSR-4 autoloading, user now can specific a path for a namespace by Yaf_Loader::registerNamespace(name, path)
- Added Yaf_Loader::registerNamespace(), Yaf_Loader::getNamespaces(), Yaf_Loader::getNamespacePath()
- Added Yaf_Request::clearParams()
- Added Yaf_Controller::getName(), Yaf_Action::getControllerName()
- Added Yaf_Dispatcher::getDefaultModule(), Yaf_Dispatcher::getDefaultController() and Yaf_Dispatcher::getDefaultAction()
- Added Yaf_Application::getInstance(), which is alias of Yaf_Application:app()
- Added optional $format_name argument to Yaf_Request::setModule/Controller/actionName
if it set to false, Yaf will set original input as name,
default it true, which means Yaf will format the name(camel/lowercase) before set it to Request
- Yaf_Controller::__construct now accpet no parameters, it now requires Yaf_Application is initialized.
- Rmoved all lead underline for fake protected property name(examing by var_dump)
- Fixed bug that protected method of Bootstrap get executed
- Yaf_View_Simple is final class now, custom view engin should implements Yaf_View_Interface
- Yaf_Route_* now routes valid Module/Controller/action name directly
- Yaf_Controller action's arguments will be set even if there are gaps now (see test/issue420.phpt)


  • Xinchen Hui (lead )



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Issue openned: 112
Downloads: 401839
4 years ago


  • php >=7.0.0
  • pearinstaller >=1.4.0
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