pecl install cmark

CommonMark extension

This extension provides access to the reference implementation of CommonMark,
a rationalized version of Markdown syntax with a specification.

Version 1.2.0 change log

- Fix #13 Reflection of CommonMark\CQL::__construct has no parameters
- Fix #14 Reflection of CommonMark\Parse doesn't have return type
- Fix #16 Reflection of CommonMark\Parser::finish doesn't have return type
- Add PHP 7.4 support
- Drop PHP 7.0 / 7.1 support


  • Joe Watkins (lead )
  • Remi Collet (lead )



Stars: 46
Issue openned: 5
Downloads: 39326
27/05/2019 08:22


  • php >=7.2.0
  • pearinstaller >=1.10
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